What makes a Pro Glove?

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The Dugout stocks all sorts of gloves, some are $20 some are $1000. Every day we get people asking what’s the reason for the price of the $1000 gloves and why would they buy it over a $100 glove

Here at the Dugout we have the best Rawlings Pro Gloves in stock. You may have seen our sponsored players Cole Evans or Brad Rona wearing theirs out on the Diamond. We thought we would help give a short overview of the four pro level categories of gloves Rawlings Manufactures: Gold Glove, Pro-Preferred, Heart of the Hide and the Gamer Series.

The Gold Glove

The Rawlings Gold Glove is the pinnacle of all Gloves and comes with the price tag of $1000. Unlike your standard ball gloves, The Gold Glove is made by a single craftsman from start to finish, using the European Kip Leather for the outer shell. They are only produced in limited quantities and are numbered individually.

Rawlings’ Gold Glove is the best glove they make in terms of quality product and tender loving care during production. It is the closest any non-pro individual can get to replicating the same type of attention to detail that a MLB player gets on his glove.

The price reflects the additional effort a Rawlings Gold Glove requires. We consider these gloves for the Elite Players who are playing top-level ball.

A man who needs no introduction. Brad Rona uses the Rawlings Gold Glove for his 1st base mitt.

The Pro-Preferred

Pro-Preferred gloves are a measurable step down from the Gold Glove. However, they don’t lack in quality construction and durability. From what we have gathered from Rawlings, it is the most preferred glove by MLB players.

Many consider them the best glove Rawlings makes and consider the Gold Glove as more of a luxury item than a real ball glove.

The Pro-Preferred use a tight grain structured leather for the outer shell of each glove. This gives an ultra smooth feel that is immediately noticeable when compared to a heart of the hide glove. The Pro-Preferred actually uses the same outer shell leather used by the Gold Gloves

This Glove would be for someone that plays a high level of softball or baseball at a national level.

The Heart of the Hide

Heart of the Hide gloves make up the largest line offering Rawlings produces. These are the most popular gloves on the planet. As a mid level price on a quality glove, few can pass this up when compared to nearly any other option.

Rawlings produces the Heart of the Hide in every size, shape and colour imaginable. That, of course, is an exaggeration, but compared to the twenty or so gloves made for the Pro-Preferred line, Rawlings produces well over seventy versions of the Heart of the Hide glove. And that number appears to keep increasing.

As a general rule, Heart of the Hide gloves use deer tanned, conditioned steer hide leather to produce a durable glove meant to last several seasons. The laces are produced at a tannery owned and operated by Rawlings for the sole purpose of producing the best and most durable laces in the business.

Our Dugout team member Cole Evans using his Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro model glove!

These are our most popular Pro Gloves. We recommend these gloves for someone who is looking to take their game up to the next level and is looking for a glove that will last them a life-time.

The Gamer Series

The Gamer Series of gloves from Rawlings provides an entry into the pro glove market.

Although not the most durable and long-lasting gloves Rawlings makes, they are known for their out of the wrapper game readiness. Rawlings claims to work-in the glove 80% of the way while leaving the finishing touches to the player. Our experience with the glove finds it is basically game ready out of the box.

The leather on the glove is a standard and mid-grade cowhide. Although you should expect more durability than entry level full leather gloves such as the player preferred and the renegade’s, the Gamer series is a fair step down from the kip leather used in the gold glove.

The Gamer Glove is also very a popular choice. These gloves are for players who are looking for a high-end glove, without the high-end price point. This glove is perfect for Premier ball players or younger rep players looking for a higher quality glove to last them through the long season.