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Easton Prowess Womens Chest Protector


Catchers Chest Protector Ideal for All Levels!


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Easton Prowess Womens Chest Protector

  • It’s time to get the perfect fit when you step behind the plate. With the Easton Prowess Fastpitch Grip Chest Protector, you can fully adjust your fit and comfort levels thanks to a four-point adjustment strap system. Add in the dual clips and TORSO FLEX™ Torso Fit™ System and you’ve got a protector that moves with you for flexibility and a full range of motion while still offering premium protection.


  • – Four-point strap adjustment system with neoprene lets you customize your fit and comfort.
  • – BioDri™ liner keeps you cool and dry behind the plate.
  • – Removable and washable throat guard ensures that your gear and skin stays clean.
  • – Dual clips allow for easy, quick adjustments.
  • – TORSO FLEX™ two-piece Torso Fit™ System lets the upper and lower torso move independently from one another.
  • – 15.'”. Recommended for ages 15 and up.

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