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BATA B2 Pitching Machine

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Bata B2 Pitching Machine

  • The versatile BATA-B2 Pitching Machine is the choice of many major league teams. Capable of throwing any type of pitch, with a maximum speed of about 100 miles per hour. Also ideal for throwing grounders and flyballs. BATA-2 is the only machine with Soft-Tread Pitching Wheels, designed specifically for throwing real leather balls. Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls or softballs.


  • – Maximum Speed 100mph
  • – Throws real or dimpled balls
  • – 60″ swivel base
  • – Runs on 240+
  • – Throws all types of pitches, throws, grounders and fliers
  • – Available for Softball (12″) and Baseball (9″)
  • – 2 Year limited Warranty